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Helpful Hints

Food Plan & Tips
These are just basic hints that I’ve picked up, try to incorporate as many as you can - but the main goal should be trying to exercise as much as possible and avoid foods you know are bad!
Shop weekly to keep the best, freshest, healthiest options in stock and make quick to grab meals that won’t go bad throughout busy week. Also, keep a low-fat, low-carb cookbook on hand and learn some new recipes.
1. Avoid starchy/sugary carbs as much as possible (goal is <40/day) - if eating carbs, do so in morning or early afternoon, so they can be burned
2. What you drink is just as important as what you eat - juices and soda contain more sugar than most food
3. Portion size is easiest calorie cutter! - eat ½ of everything that you normally would, but eat more times/day
4. NO EATING ON THE GO - this means in the car or in a rush… don’t grab some unhealthy cause you’re in a hurry, package meals ahead of time - if you must eat in car, eat something you already packaged, not fast food!
5. Pick your top 5 weaknesses (worst foods) and choose 1 to cut out each week - if there is really something you can’t live without, learn to limit it… Like ice cream, have 1 scoop 2/wk, or ranch dressing only when desperate
6. Replace fattier meats with lean ones - use ground turkey n chicken instead of beef, look for leanest cuts
7. Use snack size baggies for pre-packing meals/snacks - make mini-meals and snacks ahead of time so you can grab in a hurry, but never eat more than a handful size, snack size bag rather than full ziploc bag
8. When craving something, don’t deny yourself - it only gets worse! - if you can’t shake that desperate need for chocolate all weekend, then have a mini candy bar or 100 cal pack rather than stirring about it and getting frustrated all wkd!
9. Try to get yourself on a schedule, your body will respond - if you can eat 6 times/day at approx the same times, you’ll kick your metabolism into high gear by constantly working; eat small amounts every 2 hrs is best
10. EXERCISE as much as possible before eating - if you can do something, anything, for 15 mins when you wake- before eating- you’ll start your metabolism right away! Don’t exercise when hungry or full, eat approx 30 mins after workout to burn more

These are just a few quick options to get thinking in a healthy way - expand and experiement!
A mix of carbs & protein for breakfast is best - stick to few simple ideas to make it easy.Breakfast options:
1. Banana split - peanut butter, yogurt and granola on split banana
2. Egg scrambles - add any: cheese, turkey-ham, turkey bacon, veggies
3. Special K or Kashi cereals (small bowl)
4. Cottage cheese and fruit with 1 slice toast or mini bagel
5. French toast - 1 slice flax or multi grain bread (try for <15g)

Lunch ideas:
½ sandwich (turkey or tuna/chicken salads)
Salad w/ small protein (chicken or fish)
Soups w/ low sodium/fat

Fast, Easy Recipes:
1. Quesadilla - low carb wrap filled with chicken, turkey or ham mixed with cheese n veggies, folded over (½) then bake for 10 on 300 and cut in quarters. Top w/ sr crm
2. Stir Fry - veggies, veggies, veggies with any small protein - optional to top with cheese or low-carb teriyaki sauce (NO RICE unless early in day - then brown or low-carb)
3. Meatballs - made with ground turkey, make many 1inch balls, then divide into baggies… reheat later and top with any low-carb sauces
4. Low-carb Chili Cheese squares - 4 cups shredded cheese, 1 cup egg substitute, 4 oz mild diced chilies (drained), optional-1/3 c. chopped green onion… bake in square dish for approx 30 mins on 325, cut into squares
5. Chicken casseroles (easy to re-heat) - chicken or turkey with any mix of veggies, low-carb rices and mixed with mushroom soup, or low-carb cream soups, topped with cheeses and baked.

1. Devilled Eggs
2. Asparagus wraps (wrap with lunch meat, cheeses, proscuito, low-carb breads/wraps)
3. Cucumber sandwiches
4. Cream cheese and any veggies wrapped with meats or low-carb wraps
5. Celery with any protein fillings (cheese, pb, artichoke dip)
6. Nachos - bake a low-carb tortilla cut into chunks until crispy, then top with cheeses n veggies
7. No-sugar puddings and jellos mixed with fruits and fat-free coolwhips
8. Smoothies - with fat-free frozen yogurts, fruits, and milk
9. Cheese, apples, peanut butter and crackers - a little mini buffet like when you were little!
10. Low-carb 100 cal packs (look for less than 20g carbs, and only have once in awhile)