11:59 AM

Day Six

Not too bad of a day, and I even ended with some fun! This is a great example of what you can do in order to continue the lifestyle you may lead that often prevents you from reaching your weightloss goals - of course, if you ended at the nightowl workout, you'd be even better off than I am after the beers!

9am - wake
1100 - breakfast: 1 cup Kashi Honey Puffs w/ lowfat milk - 150 cals, 25 g cb
1pm - play with the cutest baby girl in the whole world (niece Beauty!)
2pm - workout: p90x Kenpo (kickboxing) - 1 hour
15 mins ball exercises (crunches, lunges, leg lifts, etc...)
400 - lunch: grilled chicken breast on potato bun, topped w/ pineapple, swiss cheese, lettuce and 1 tbsp mayo - 350 cal, 25g cb (all bun! ugh!)
500 - work (finally busy - lots of running around!)
800 - Snack/dinner: snap peas and asparagus in tempura (not a good idea, but no time to squeeze in real food tonite!) - 400 cal, 20g cb
1030pm - workout: 15 mins eliptical
10 mins bike
10 mins stairclimber
*I threw in an extra workout because I didn't feel much of a sweat earlier in the day, and I'd like to break cardio up into 2 sessions/day*
1130 - Karaoke fun: 2 bud lights and 1 shot - 400 cals, 20 g cbs
* again, you could avoid the alcohol and the effects of the late night workout wouldn't be such a waste!*
200am - bed

Totals: exercise - 1 hr 50 mins :) YIPPEE
food - 1300 cals (GOOD) 90 g carbs (BAD)

*** Another 3 star day, not too bad... Need to start having meals prepared to bring to work, so I can stay on track with good eating without excuses later in the evening!

10:56 AM

Day 4/5...Catchin up

Whew! Finally back in front of computer screen... Don't know how you bloggers do it, I can't find the time everyday to sit and type all this out. So, now I can catch up on the last few days - which have actually been better than the first few (especially that alcohol day - ugh!).

Day 4:
9am - wake up
10 - Breakfast: 1 piece toast w/ butter - 150 cal, 14 g cb
2 eggs w/ cheese - 200 cal, 2 g cb
1100 - walk/jog dog (30 mins)
1pm - Lunch: 1/2 turkey sandwich - 250 cal, 14g cb
15 potato chips - 150 cal, 12g cb
5pm - work
Snack: carrots, celery w/ ranch dressing
9pm - Dinner: Beef hot dog w/ ketchup (no bun) - 200 cal, 4g cb
1/2 c. Rice pilaf - 200 cal, 8g cb
(I know, crazy dinner, but I do what I can while working!)
10pm - Snack: Rootbeer Float (6oz RB, small scoop vanilla ice cream) - 250 cal, 15g cb

Totals: exercise: 30 mins
food: 1400 cals, 67g cb

Day 5
10am - wake
1030 - Breakfast: 1 whole grain waffle w/ PB & 1tbsp syrup - 200 cal, 12g cb
***NOTE: 1 serving of PB and/or Syrup and things like this, is considered to be 2tbsp. Most of us do not use that much - so, keep in mind that these things are not all that bad for you because it is easy to keep them in moderation!***
130pm - Gym: 10 min jogging (30 sec walk 4mph, 1 min jog at 8mph - intervals)
15 min eliptical (aerobics mode)
10 min stairclimber (stay above 5.0)
15 mins ball exercises (push ups, crunches, etc...)
300 - Lunch: 4 oz. egg salad whole grain wrap - 250 cal, 8g cb
100 calorie pack - 100 cal, 13g cb
530 - work
730 - Snack: lettuce wedge salad w/ cranberries, pecans & 2 tbsp ranch dressing - 250 cal, 5g cb
930pm - Dinner: 6oz sirloin topped with shredded crab & white cheddar sauce - 400 cal, 8g cb
4oz asparagus w/ 1 tbsp butter - 200 cal, 2g cb

Totals: exercise: 35 mins cardio, 15 mins stretch work (50 mins)
food: 1400 cal, 48 g cb

*** 3 stars on both these days - food really wasn't that bad... a little over on carbs, but good on calories. The exercise needs to improve. It's pretty unusual for me to hit less than an hour 2 days in a row, but I've got some crazy things going on in life right now - so I find myself running short on time. Now I'll focus on getting the exercise up to 90 mins/day in 2 separate sessions while keeping the food in check!

10:34 AM

Day Three

Hmmmm... Not gonna be a good one... judging by the time of day that I'm actually posting yesterday's activities - you should be able to tell that it was a rough nite!
But, the TRAPT concert rocked and I sure had a hellofa good time!

830am - wake (personal exercise 15mins!)
930 - breakfast: sliced banana w/ strawbry banana yogurt & granola - 200 cal, 20g cb
1030 - take cutest nephew in the world to PETCO
1200pm - snack: McDonalds hamburger w/ ketchup - 300 cals, 20g cb
(believe me, I know it's bad - again! - but nephew needed lunch!)
100 - lunch: 1/2 turkey sandwich w/ cheese, mayo, lettuce - 350 cal, 16g cb
200 - take my babygirl (dog) to vet, spend lots of money for nothing!
300 - drop off cutest nephew in world, head to gym!
330 - workout: 15 mins at 5.0 on stairclimber
20 mins lower body - lunges (front,back,side) squats (single leg) wall sits and step ups
15 mins eliptical
10 mins bike
500 - get ready for TRAPT concert
700 - dinner (at Joey's in Seattle): 7oz grilled sirloin - 400 cals, 2g cb
3oz crispy mashed potatoes - 200 cals, 15g cb
3oz watercress salad - 50 cals, 2g cb
800pm-130am - GET MY DRINK ON (here comes the worst problem I have in the diet area!)
Drinks: White Cosmo (Citrus vodka, cointreau, white cran & 7up)
Stage Dive x2 (Malibu, Watermelon Vodka, Pineapple)
Bitter Bitch (Pomegranate vodka, cran & pine)
one of my own mixes (Citrus vodka & Monster)
another of my own (XRated, Cherry Vodka, cran & 7)
16oz Coors Light
On this, we're not even going to try to count the calories or carbs - I can tell you in the first 2 drinks I'm way over limit, so...
TIP #1: DO NOT DRINK WHILE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! Worst source of sugar you can find! And usually leads to bad eating, like Chinese food at 1am (not even gonna add that in here, because I can't even stand to think of it now that I'm sober!).

Totals: exercise - 1+ hr
food: WAY BEYOND THE REALM OF ACCEPTABLE!!! 50000000000 calories or somethin

10:32 PM

Day Two

Here we are at the end of day 2, and if it's possible, I think it's worse than day 1! UGH!

9am - wake up
930 - breakfast: banana split - 200 cals, 30g cb
banana halved, spread open with peanut butter, yogurt and granola over top
1030 - take BFF and kids to service their vehicle, have to entertain kids with food, so...
1130 - lunch (way too early for me!): 1/2 bbq chicken salad (TGIFridays) - 500 cal?!? 10g cb
130 - gym: 15 mins eliptical
20 mins arms workout w/ free weights n machines
15 mins stair climber (pushing hard!)
300 - haircut while eating handful of jellybeans - NO!!!! too many cal/cb
630 - take kids to Rainforest Cafe, try to find something healthy but already had salad today!
dinner: 1/2 bbq beef wrap w/ cilantro n cheese, 10 french fries - 600 cals, 20g cb
1030 - snack: 100 cal jello mixed with 1/2 pack 100 cal mint cookies - 150 cals, 14g cb

Totals: exercise - 55 mins
food: 1450 cals, 74 g cb

hmmmm... we're looking at another not so good day. At least I'll give it 3 stars instead of 2, because (and here comes more excuses) today was all about other people. I did what I needed to do to keep the kids happy, so I guess I have to make sacrifices. That's gonna mean a bit more careful tomorrow - more time at gym... Wonder what I'm gonna do when the alcohol comes into play?!?!?!

1:14 AM

And here it is... the end of day 1 - this is what the blog was created for. At the end of each day I'll be posting my successes (or more likely, bumps along the road to success - i don't use the word failures!) to keep me accountable for what I'm trying to accomplish. It'll kind of be like a schedule of the days' events, but just the exercise and food portions.

Also, I'll be throwing in some tips and critiques just in case - and i know i'm pushing it here, but - any of you may be following this pathetic attempt at a blog for some actual help or motivation. It's possible you're struggling with the same things I am, or even hoping to learn a few things whether I'm doing them right or wrong.

I don't want to overwhelm anyone that might actually be finding some things helpful here, but there's a lot of things that may need explaining on a daily basis, so that you can reap the benefits of the few things I've picked up to stay on track. Note that the calorie/carb counting is VERY approximate - I don't really take the time to track down all the data; but you should if you have more patience than I do.

So here's how we did today:

10am - out of bed
1030 - breakfast: 2 eggs - 80 calories, 2 g carbs
2 oz. cheese - 50 cal, 0 g cb
2 oz. bacon - 100 cal, 0 g cb
1 slice raisin nut bread - 90 cal, 11 g cb
1 oz peanut butter - 50 cal, 5 g cb
1230pm - snack: 100 cal pack, 13 g cb
130-230 - exercise: P90X cardio + ab ripper (WHEW!)
300 - snack: strawbry/banana protein smoothie - 200 cal, 6 g cb
530 - supper (on way to work): egg salad rollup in low carb wrap - 200 cal, 12 g cb
700pm - snack: PowerBar - 250 cal, 25 g cb
*not very good idea here, but bored at work and not wanting to eat worse things*
1030 - dinner: 5 chicken nuggets - 250 cal, 20 g cb
*again, not good idea - but working so late and don't have many options that the cooks can get done easily for us (told you this blog would make up good excuses!)*
12am-1230 - exercise: 15 mins stairclimber
5 mins rope/push up intervals (100 jumps, 15 pushups x 3)
10 mins eliptical
*there's nothing that says you need to work out twice a day - I only do such because I enjoy it and I get bored. For tonight, it was to help me wind down after a rough evening at work. Although, many trainers have told me (including the amazing Jillian), that breaking your cardio up into 2 separate sessions in the day, keeps your metabolism pushing more often.*
200am - bed

Totals: exercise - 1.5 hrs
food - 1470 calories, 94 grams carbs
*Goals: 1 hr exercise
<1500 cals, <50g cb*

We're gonna go with a 2 star day today...
I'll be tracking my days by stars to use as a simple tracking method for quick referrence on how many good days versus bad I'm having. A five star day is one that will be nearly perfect - lots of exercise and really good eating habits.

Today, however, is not so great. The exercise goal was exceeded - that's fantastic!
But, I need to take away 1 star for the poor eating - the powerbar and the nuggets probably pushed the limit, and the carbs are out of control!
I'm also taking away a star for the late bedtime. Sleep is just as important as food and exercise to keep the body in great shape; and although I am a night owl, this is one day I knew I'd be getting up at 8am the following morning (so I'm cutting myself down to only 6 hrs - try for at 7 or 8).
The final star I'm subtracting is because I'm just so disappointed that I have to lose 2 stars already and it's only day 1!

12:56 PM

Why this blog exists

So, here it goes... I'm not even going to pretend that I know what I'm doing here - I am by far from being an avid blogger, but I need to start somewhere and I'm hoping you regular bloggers can help me. I am a huge fan of this blog community my sister is currently swimming in so deeply on a daily basis that she is now putting herself on restriction from blogging to focus on her husband's homecoming. She's only been at this blogging-world fascination for a few months and it has already become a way of life. I on the other hand, have been at my hobby for several years and am currently stuck in a rut - how is that possible with a hobby, you ask? It's because my hobby is exercising. Sounds kinda crazy, I know - most people look at exercise as a chore, or even if they enjoy it, it's the means to an end. However, for me it started as a project to help me lose weight and get healthy, but it's now a way of life for me. I feel like my day is a waste if I have not spent some bit of time doing something that makes me drip sweat for at least a good 30 minutes.

So, here's where the problem comes in...
I am about to turn 30! Ugh - I know, it's like life is coming to an end or something! Ok, a little dramatic - but seriously- be honest now, how many of you that have already hit the big 3-0 didn't feel like you were really hitting a major milestone in your life? Tell me you didn't feel like you needed to look back and make excuses for all the things you haven't yet done, and more excuses for the things you wish you hadn't!?!?! Well, that's where I am... I have made some pretty huge choices (more like mistakes, but at least I'm learning from them) in these past 29 years, and I'd really like to start the next 29 on the right track.

This being said, I know myself well enough to know that the happiest I've ever been is when I'm fixed on a goal that involves me kickin my own boo-tay! Hence my goal for the past few weeks has been presenting a new me for my 30th bday. I gave myself 90 days to reorganize my workouts and eating habits and make this body look as hot as possible (in the least amount of clothing) for whatever it is I decide to do on the big day! Well, now I'm 30 days in and hitting my first obstacle - lack of motivation. Of course, I usually hit this obstacle every couple months, and I push through and get my butt in gear and continue on my regular workout routine and keep myself in good spirits and good shape. Yet, this 30th birthday thing has got me all wriled up and I can take no chances at letting myself down at such a major turning point in my life (many people close to me have me convinced that life is only starting at 30, so I want mine to start amazingly!).

So, after that long-winded background bio, I'm hoping you can now understand - and maybe sympathize - as to why I am now joining the world of the bloggers. I need help to keep my (hopefully shrinking) booty moving full speed ahead for these last 60 days. I know from previous experience that keeping a journal of all I eat and the exercises I complete keeps me on track. It makes me feel like I have to answer to someone, and I'm not very good at letting people down or feeling like I've failed even slightly. The point of this blog is to now keep me answering to myself on a public level, rather than in a personal journal. I'm hoping this means I will feel so guilty everytime I have to admit to putting something in my mouth that I shouldn't, or not making myself sweat or push hard enough, that it just won't happen. I will feel so compelled to eat right and workout so much, that I will hit the big 3-0 looking hotter than I ever could've imagined!

Now, just to help myself save face and feel a little less sheepish if this genius idea doesn't quite workout for me, I will remind you (and myself) that there is also the possibility that a few other things could happen. I may find myself posting nothing but blogs about how sore I am and how much I hate life when I can't end a day with a pint of ice cream. Or, I may find new and much more creative excuses to share with the online world of why it is just human nature to not be able to follow goals. But, I am much more hopeful to find that there are some of you out there that will actually relate to what I am going through everyday and may even be willing to offer me advice and/or motivation to make this happen!

So, for any of you who have turned 30 and had no idea why you felt so unsure about it; or for those of you who have serious fitness and/or weightloss goals and have no idea why you can't stick to them - help me, help you! Let's do this together and have some fun laughing at each other's expense on the journey that may lead me to the next chapter of my life! Or, just check back in once in a while and laugh at my pathetic attempt in joining the bloggin world!

Helpful Hints

Food Plan & Tips
These are just basic hints that I’ve picked up, try to incorporate as many as you can - but the main goal should be trying to exercise as much as possible and avoid foods you know are bad!
Shop weekly to keep the best, freshest, healthiest options in stock and make quick to grab meals that won’t go bad throughout busy week. Also, keep a low-fat, low-carb cookbook on hand and learn some new recipes.
1. Avoid starchy/sugary carbs as much as possible (goal is <40/day) - if eating carbs, do so in morning or early afternoon, so they can be burned
2. What you drink is just as important as what you eat - juices and soda contain more sugar than most food
3. Portion size is easiest calorie cutter! - eat ½ of everything that you normally would, but eat more times/day
4. NO EATING ON THE GO - this means in the car or in a rush… don’t grab some unhealthy cause you’re in a hurry, package meals ahead of time - if you must eat in car, eat something you already packaged, not fast food!
5. Pick your top 5 weaknesses (worst foods) and choose 1 to cut out each week - if there is really something you can’t live without, learn to limit it… Like ice cream, have 1 scoop 2/wk, or ranch dressing only when desperate
6. Replace fattier meats with lean ones - use ground turkey n chicken instead of beef, look for leanest cuts
7. Use snack size baggies for pre-packing meals/snacks - make mini-meals and snacks ahead of time so you can grab in a hurry, but never eat more than a handful size, snack size bag rather than full ziploc bag
8. When craving something, don’t deny yourself - it only gets worse! - if you can’t shake that desperate need for chocolate all weekend, then have a mini candy bar or 100 cal pack rather than stirring about it and getting frustrated all wkd!
9. Try to get yourself on a schedule, your body will respond - if you can eat 6 times/day at approx the same times, you’ll kick your metabolism into high gear by constantly working; eat small amounts every 2 hrs is best
10. EXERCISE as much as possible before eating - if you can do something, anything, for 15 mins when you wake- before eating- you’ll start your metabolism right away! Don’t exercise when hungry or full, eat approx 30 mins after workout to burn more

These are just a few quick options to get thinking in a healthy way - expand and experiement!
A mix of carbs & protein for breakfast is best - stick to few simple ideas to make it easy.Breakfast options:
1. Banana split - peanut butter, yogurt and granola on split banana
2. Egg scrambles - add any: cheese, turkey-ham, turkey bacon, veggies
3. Special K or Kashi cereals (small bowl)
4. Cottage cheese and fruit with 1 slice toast or mini bagel
5. French toast - 1 slice flax or multi grain bread (try for <15g)

Lunch ideas:
½ sandwich (turkey or tuna/chicken salads)
Salad w/ small protein (chicken or fish)
Soups w/ low sodium/fat

Fast, Easy Recipes:
1. Quesadilla - low carb wrap filled with chicken, turkey or ham mixed with cheese n veggies, folded over (½) then bake for 10 on 300 and cut in quarters. Top w/ sr crm
2. Stir Fry - veggies, veggies, veggies with any small protein - optional to top with cheese or low-carb teriyaki sauce (NO RICE unless early in day - then brown or low-carb)
3. Meatballs - made with ground turkey, make many 1inch balls, then divide into baggies… reheat later and top with any low-carb sauces
4. Low-carb Chili Cheese squares - 4 cups shredded cheese, 1 cup egg substitute, 4 oz mild diced chilies (drained), optional-1/3 c. chopped green onion… bake in square dish for approx 30 mins on 325, cut into squares
5. Chicken casseroles (easy to re-heat) - chicken or turkey with any mix of veggies, low-carb rices and mixed with mushroom soup, or low-carb cream soups, topped with cheeses and baked.

1. Devilled Eggs
2. Asparagus wraps (wrap with lunch meat, cheeses, proscuito, low-carb breads/wraps)
3. Cucumber sandwiches
4. Cream cheese and any veggies wrapped with meats or low-carb wraps
5. Celery with any protein fillings (cheese, pb, artichoke dip)
6. Nachos - bake a low-carb tortilla cut into chunks until crispy, then top with cheeses n veggies
7. No-sugar puddings and jellos mixed with fruits and fat-free coolwhips
8. Smoothies - with fat-free frozen yogurts, fruits, and milk
9. Cheese, apples, peanut butter and crackers - a little mini buffet like when you were little!
10. Low-carb 100 cal packs (look for less than 20g carbs, and only have once in awhile)